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California Title 24 Outdoor Lighting Energy Conservation

Posted by Gavin Martin on Thu, July 16, 2009

Quoizel Title 24 Outdoor LightingCalifornia has been the leader of energy conversation in recent years with their energy crisis. In 2005 California adopted Title 24 energy efficiency standards to reduce energy usage.  The state of California, home to 36 million people, saved $20 Billion in energy costs with their new standards. By 2011, California's new lighting and energy conservation standards are expected to save the state and additional $57 Billion.

Whether you live in California or not, reducing energy consumption is a focal point for everyone in the United States. Homeowners and professionals need to  understand Title 24. The energy efficiency standards will start to be adopted by more and more states over time and will only add extra benefits for you and/or your business. Following California only makes sense and everyone should move to this standard regardless if it is a requirement in your state. Homeowners will save money, the environmental impact will be reduced and electrical power plants can operate in a more stable.

The lighting code requirements apply to alterations and additions (including replacements) as well as newly-constructed buildings. All new luminaires that are permanently installed must be high efficacy, but existing luminaires may stay in place.

Here is a summary of the code as it relates to outdoor lighting:

Outdoor lighting attached to a residential building or home must be high efficacy, or controlled by a motion sensor with integral photo sensor control. Motion sensors used in conjunction with outdoor lighting luminaires should have the capability of turning the lights on automatically at dawn. The goal here is to either only have lights come on when the light senses movement and to too turn the lights off when the sun comes up. Think of it.  How many of us leave our garage lights on all night.  By the time we wake up and turn them off they may have been on a few hours after sunlight wasting energy. 

Decorative landscape lighting that is not permanently attached to buildings is not regulated by the Standards. Even though it is not required by the Standards, using a time clock or photo sensor control on outdoor landscape lighting or path lighting not attached to buildings will help to prevent people accidentally leaving these lights on during the day and reduce energy use. Kichler Lighting is the dominate player in outdoor landscape lighting and path lighting. Kichler has been introducing new LED landscape lighting to further reduce energy consumption.

Lighting around swimming pools, water features, or other locations subject to Article 680 of the California Electric Code are exempt. Section 119 (b) requires control devices, including motion sensors and photocontrols, to have an indicator that visibly or audibly informs the operator that the controls are operating properly, or that they have failed ormalfunctioned. A light emitting diode (LED) status signal is typically used to meet this requirement. The LED status signal is also practical for use as a commissioning tool. Another option is to use the lamp in the luminaire as the status signal, as long as the lamp fails in the off position. The intention of this requirement is that if the photocell or motions sensor fails the luminaire will not turn on until the control is fixed.

Amalgam CFLs perform better at both very high and very low temperatures than non-amalgam versions, so are appropriate for outdoor lighting, although they can take a few minutes to reach full output. If instant start is important andtemperatures may be low, specify a cold-weather-rated ballast. Alternatively, an incandescent source (fitted with a combination photocontrol/motion sensor) may be a good choice.

Do your part in reducing the impact on the environment and saving energy. Buy Title 24 Outdoor Lighting today. 

Be sure to check out some of our best manufacturers of Title 24 compliant outdoor lighting. Minka Lavery, KichlerMaxim Lighting, Quoizel and Hinkley Lighting.

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