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Chandeliers for Every Room of The Home

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sun, August 30, 2009

Kitchen-ChandelierChandeliers aren't just for dining rooms and foyers anymore. In fact, they're showing up in other rooms of the home by adding charm in less formal rooms, and interest to many unexpected areas. In the past, it was unusual to see chandeliers anywhere except in the "power" positions of a home, such as at the entrance and over the dining room table. It was also more common for chandeliers to only be seen in upscale homes. For sure not in starter homes or entry level builder houses. But times have changed. Today, chandeliers are comfortable in homes in a variety of price ranges, and in almost all rooms. Why is this ocurring we ask?  We used to only show off our entrance and dining rooms. Kitchens have now expanded and are many times the gathering place when company or guests come over. No longer are they hidden places for cooking only. We are now entertaining guests with enterainment/bar sinks and serving counters in the kitchen.

A sense of intimacy can be added to niche areas of a room, such as corner spaces or alcoves, with mini-chandeliers, and some minis are even being used in place of wall sconces. Powder rooms are another place where chandeliers are frequently popping up. Grouping minis is also a popular design technique, such as hanging several minis above an island or bar area for great impact.

The master bedroom of today is often a luxurious suite that includes an elaborate master bathroom. Chandeliers can easily set the mood in these areas and are being used to create a relaxing or romantic spa-like atmosphere. Read our article on tips for Bathroom Lighting.

Bedroom-ChandelierA trend toward smaller chandeliers and mini-chandeliers make it possible to incorporate these items into smaller rooms or areas in the home such as over a little girl's baby crib or a girls room. We sometimes call these princess chandeliers.

The featured mini-chandelier for the bedroom on the right is part of the Casa Collection and the Kitchen Chandelier above is part of the Bolla Collection from our featured manufacturer Hinkley Lighting. Free Shipping on items over $50 shipped direct to your door. Shop Hinkley Chandeliers.

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