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Energy Saving Hotel Key Card System

Posted by Gavin Martin on Wed, September 02, 2009

Energy Saving Key CardI thought this is one clever energy saving key card system now being implemented. I checked into the Timber Ridge Lodge at the Grand Geneva Resort this weekend in Lake Geneva, WI and was told my room key card was required to be in the light switch in order for me to control lights and air conditioning. The goal is to help push energy conservation and reduce the environmental footprint. Basically you have to remove the keycard when you leave your room so the air conditioning and certain lights turn off when the card is removed and you leave the room.

I thought this was a great way to help go green and it is a movement that the hospitality industry is pushing to its guests. Guests may see it in the hotel which triggers them to understand energy conservation and possibly get them to implement similar practices when they are back at home. Imagine if we could all have this option in our homes.

With the Green Movement and Energy Savings being key topics these days we are going to see more and more innovative energy saving features being manufactured or being mandated by government agencies.  In the lighting industry we are going to a big change in technology over the next few years. The energy saving sections of our websites like are going to rapidly increase in selection with innovations in lighting fixtures like LED lighting.

Read our article on the Incandescent Thomas Edison Light Bulb Banned which discusses some of the laws being enacted to push green and energy saving lighting nationwide within the next few short years.

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