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Loving Outdoor Living with Outdoor Lighting

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sun, September 13, 2009

Hinkley Outdoor LightingThe trend toward a fashionable outdoor living space is not just for the "rich and famous". With the advent of stylish and affordable all-weather furnishings, fabrics and appliances, outdoor living is popular with a broad range of consumers.

With landscape lighting you can make your home stand out in your neighborhood, improve safety and security and expand your outdoor entertaining options. Fixtures shown are part of the Raley Collection from Hinkley Lighting. For Outdoor Lighting, Hinkley Outdoor Lighting and Hinkley Landscape Lighting are the preimer fixtures sold on Lighting Catalog.

When lighting is used to enhance these outdoor living quarters, the effect is all the more dramatic, and it's a large part of completing the experience. In newer homes, many builders are now designing wider exterior doorways that tie the indoors and outdoors more closely together. Outdoor furniture is being upgraded to look more like interior furniture, and materials are keeping pace, making the creation of these outdoor havens more practical.

  • TIP: Steps, paths and driveways should be illuminated to make sure family members and guests are able to move about easily and safely after dark.
  • TIP: Low-level path lights spread circular patterns of light and will brighten your walkway while highlighting nearby flower beds, shrubs and ground cover.
  • TIP: Decks, porches and patios can be converted into evening retreats by concealing low-voltage lights under steps, railings or benches.

Sources - Hinkley Lighting

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