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Tips for Wall and Ceiling Lighting

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sun, September 20, 2009

Give Walls and Ceilings their Due

Wall and CeilingWall and Ceiling LightingGone are the days of installing only one central overhead lighting fixture. Using lighting in a way that bounces light off of walls or ceilings generates a mood of expansiveness.

Fixtures shown from left to right are the Veranda  and Carina series from Hinkley Lighting.

The arrangement of one overhead lighting source either casts light down or diffuses it in all directions, which affects spatial quality by creating dramatic shadows and dim rooms. The opposite affect is achieved by bouncing light off of walls and ceilings, which turns these surfaces into giant reflectors of sorts.

Think of your chandelier as the "central" fixture in a room, and then add other types of complimentary lighting such as sconces, pendants and flush mount light fixtures to create a spacious feeling. Hinkley's chandelier collections include a multitude of options to allow you to creatively coordinate your lighting design.

Hinkley Lighting


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