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Planning Bathroom Lighting For Your Home

Posted by Gavin Martin on Mon, September 21, 2009


Bathroom LightingWhen considering the lighting plan for your bathroom, consider complimenting your choices with mirrors. Mirrors can make a space look larger and lighter; they can increase the impact of anything they reflect; they can change the contours of a room; and multiply and divide the effects of light.

The lighting fixture to the right is part of the Stowe Collection from Hinkley Lighting.

Another way to add sparkle is with a chandelier. The chandelier originated as a device to hold multiple candles, basically introducing more light when each individual source was of limited power. Over time, refinements were added to chandeliers, such as tiers of cut glass and crystal, primarily for the practical purpose of fracturing and multiplying the light further. Chandeliers can add these reflective properties to the bathroom creating depth and drama.

Bathroom Lighting


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