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Layering Bathroom Light Fixtures

Posted by Gavin Martin on Mon, September 21, 2009

Layering Light in the Bath

bathroom lightingIn days gone by, bathrooms were often rooms that had only one central overhead light shining down from the ceiling. Because bathrooms are typically not overly large (compared to other rooms in the home), they sometimes get short-changed in the number of lights allotted them.

Try these layering options


These days there are many options to compliment or supplement your overhead, central lighting source. Chandeliers are being introduced in the bath, adding a touch of glamour to bathroom lighting.


Flush ceiling mounts are still an ideal choice, especially if installed with a dimming option.


Above the sink, decorative wall sconce lighting fixtures are popular and are available in a variety of sizes (2-light, 3-light, etc.). Single-light sconces on either side of the mirror help to even out task lighting in this area, as well as to accent other areas of the bathroom.


Mini-pendants are even gaining popularity as an alternate option of side-mirror lighting, and can be used above the bathtub for a dramatic effect.

Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom lighting in the photo above is from our featured manufacturer Hinkley Lighting.

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