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Posted by Gavin Martin on Mon, September 21, 2009

Hinkley LightingNIGHT Aglow

Landscape lighting reveals your home and the surrounding grounds with a beautiful glow as the sun goes down.

The purpose of landscape lighting is to unify the relationship between your house and the landscaping that surrounds it.

Fixtures shown to the right are Ivy (foreground) and Essence in the (background) from Hinkley Lighting.

Landscape lighting should enhance the outdoor living environment, extend the hours of enjoyment you and your family spend outdoors and provide safety and security. Well designed landscape lighting will reinforce aesthetic appeal and add value to your home.

TIP: The ideal landscape lighting system is one that meets the practical and aesthetic needs of the homeowner without adding yet another maintenance requirement. To achieve these goals it is necessary to plan, design and execute the lighting carefully and methodically.

Low voltage lighting is an outdoor amenity usually added to a property after construction is completed and the landscaping has matured. Some homeowners, particularly those, who have done their own landscaping, may wish to attempt to do the lighting as well; others can enlist the aid of an outdoor lighting professional.

TIP: Exterior lighting draws your eye outward, creating visual expansion and continuity between the indoors and outdoors. In terms of aesthetics, the key to success is being subtle. Less is always more.

Landscape lighting provides functional lighting for your home's outdoor social spaces, such as decks and patios, so you can use them safely and effectively for entertaining after dark.

TIP: Low-level path lights (sometimes called area lights) spread circular light patterns, brightening walkways and highlighting nearby flower beds, shrubs and ground cover.

TIP: Deck lights typically mount to the outside of the home or to the railing around a deck. Like path lights, they distribute light in a horizontal direction and offer subtle lighting with reduced glare.

TIP: Sometimes called spotlights, accent lights use directional beams of light and can be used to highlight trees, statues and other architectural features.

TIP: Step lights and brick lights can be used in masonry or wood constructions to add safety and security on decks and steps surrounding your home.

TIP: Hinkley Lighting offers many outdoor lanterns that coordinate with the styles of our landscape lighting. Complimentary lanterns are indicated throughout this catalog. To view Hinkley's complete outdoor lantern collection, including eco-friendly options, visit Hinkley Lighting online:

Hinkley Lighting

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