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Crystal Chandeliers Now Lighting The Kitchen

Posted by Gavin Martin on Thu, October 15, 2009

Crystal ChandeliersYears ago Crystal Chandeliers where reserved for the formal dining room. Kitchens were viewed as the back room of the house and not visible to guests. It was the down and dirty room of the house where food was prepared and the room was more about function then style.  In today's glamorous home designs, the kitchen is opened up with an open room concept.  It is the center of the home and the gathering point for when guests arrive. It may be the entertainment area for serving drinks and h'orderves. 

Now that Kitchens are entertainment areas they are getting all dressed up.  Luxury Faucets, stainless steel kitchen sinks and ranges, granite countertops and crystal chandeliers.

 Crystal Chandelier 

Our Featured Crystal Brand is Crystorama Lighting. Abraham Kleinberg founded Crystorama Lighting Group in Brooklyn, New York in 1958. As a family owned company their concern for excellence is expressed in their styling, detailing and sincere caring for their valued customer. The company was initially founded as a primary importer of crystal chandeliers from Bohemia - Northern Czechoslovakia - and offered the finest selection of classical crystal designs. The rich heritage has continued by sourcing out the best quality crystal worldwide. Its unique resources have allowed Crystorama Lighting Group to remain a dominant producer of Crystal, Brass and Wrought Iron chandeliers that remains unsurpassed in North America. Crystorama chandeliers are of traditional designs and use authentic molds and patterns to maintain the tradition of our forefathers. In a world of mass production, Crystorama Lighting Group continues to offer traditional chandeliers that require years of experience and specialized craftsmanship. Lighting Catalog is the online leader of Lighting by Crystorama.

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