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More Control with Multiple Home Lighting Sources

Posted by Gavin Martin on Tue, November 10, 2009

Hinkley LightingIncreasing the number of light sources in your room doesn't necessarily mean your room will be "too bright". In fact, it gives you more control of the amount of light, and the option to brighten or dim a room or specific areas of a room, for the use at hand. If a room is overly bright, paradoxically, it typically possesses too few sources of light. The result is either a harsh and uncomfortable glare or a bright diffused level of illumination that cancels out any possibility of drama. Using multiple light sources minimizes glare, which is the unpleasing result of extreme "lights" and "darks", while creating a more balanced lighting scheme.

The lighting fixture shown to the right is a Mini-Pendant 3100 BN from Hinkley Lighting which is a premier manufacturer of Lighting Fixtures.

TIP: Increasing the number of lighting sources also offers the flexibility to deliver light to specific spots where it is needed, such as to desks, counters, tabletops and bedsides - wherever you need it to illuminate distinct areas for certain tasks or activities.

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