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An Inside Peak at 2010 Home Lighting Trends

Posted by Gavin Martin on Fri, January 08, 2010

Golden LightingAs the New Year turns a new leaf, so does the home lighting industry. We decided to talk with one of our favorite designer lines Golden Lighting prior to the 2010 International Lighting Show. We wanted to learn what's in store for this year with the latest trends.  Here's what we learned.

Ethnic Influence

  • Popular Asian design is on the decline.
  • Middle Eastern influence is on the rise.
  • Tribal influence, on the fashion radar for several years, is expected to grow.
  • Look for emerging classic Italian and French styles.


  • High gloss lacquer, clear glass and acrylic, polished chrome and other shiny finishes are modern and hip.
  • Simplicity is elegant.
  • Circles, circles everywhere...fabrics, rugs, dinnerware, artwork - you name it!
  • Wooden furniture for all styles, modern, traditional and everything in between.
  • Dark, deep, rich-toned woods are popular European styles.
  • Brown is in, when it comes to modern.
  • Rough-hewn, distressed and weathered wood are increasing in popularity.

Design Elements/Materials Trends

  • Materials: handcrafted, plant fibers (rattan, bamboo, wicker, sea grass etc.)
  • Patterns: Mosaic, dots, plaids, lines, blurry patterns and Suzani motifs.
  • Colors: red, orange, green, ochre and purple Neutrals are here to stay: grays, browns, white, black and sand.


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