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The 5 C's of Crystal Chandeliers

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sat, January 09, 2010

Crystorama LightingLearn the 5 C's of Crystal Chandeliers to ensure you pick the perfect Crystal Lighting Fixture for your home.  We talked with the crystal experts at Crystorama Lighting to help guide you in your purchase decision.  

Understand the right size chandelier for your room. Proper scale 2" per foot of room. If circumference of room is 12' X 14', a 26" diameter chandelier is correct.

Additional Guidelines
4 - 6 person dining table: 20"-24" chandelier
6 - 8 person dining table: 25"-29" chandelier
8 - 10 person dining table: 30"-36" chandelier
Height above dining table: 30"- 32".
Two story Foyer: 10'-11' above the floor.

Select the desired shape and style to fit your lifestyle and taste.

Select your quality cut of crystal (refer to above "Types of Crystal"). Buying a crystal chandelier is similar to buying a diamond. Choose your preferred shape and style of the chandelier. Next, the cost of the chandelier will depend on chosen quality of crystal.

Select desired finish. Glass arm chandeliers are available in Gold or Silver.
Silver: The authentic color. Will reflect the true color spectrum of crystal. Works in all interiors.
Gold: A dramatic color. Works well when complementing furniture and hardware in brass.

Crystorama Lighting has earned confidence with 40 years of experience and worldwide reputation for quality and professional service. A crystal chandelier, whatever its shape, size, or cost, is an important purchase. We encourage you to seek the help and advice of experienced personnel before choosing the chandelier that will become a part of your personal history, future and lifestyle. Crystorama is the leading manufacturer of Crystal Chandeliers sold on

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