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Vivex Develops Non Corrosive Outdoor Lighting

Posted by Gavin Martin on Tue, January 12, 2010

Livex LightingVivex, the new standard in outdoor lighting is brought to you exclusively by Maxim Lighting. Vivex boasts a winning combination of innovation, intricate design capabilities, quality construction and astonishing finishes. Combined these elements create outdoor fixtures which are non-corrosive, UV resistant and are backed by a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

Vivex and Innovation

Vivex is far superior to the polyurethane resin material used in outdoor lighting. Vivex is not a resin, but an unique synthetic composition made up of ground marble powder for strength, latex composite for durability, bonded together with an Adenosine Triphosphate adhesive (ATP) used primarily in outdoor applications. ATP is anadhesive that has been tested to temperature that exceeds 130ºF and as low as -20ºF. Vivex is expected to withstand even greater temperatures.

Vivex has over twice the strength of resin. What this means it there are fewer problems with shipping this material and a lot fewer problems with electricians misshandling the product and creating chips that can't be repaired. Also the additional strength allows us to use the material 100% including large back plates which used to warp with the former resin material.

Vivex and Design

Unlike resin which is cast into inexpensive plaster molds, Vivex is injected under pressure into quality steel molds which produces a very hard and dense component. This process also allows implementation of our designers imagination without restraint that occurs in the traditional resin process. The parts come out of the mold with detailed definition and intricacies not formerly obtainable from resin casting. This metal tooling was a major investment on behalf of Maxim Lighting. The total costs for research and development and tooling exceeded $2,000,000.

One very un-welcome attribute to polyurethane resin is that in its hardened form it has a very low PH and this acidic nature must be dealt with prior to finishing or paint will not adhere to it. Resin parts must go through a multi step neutralizing process to stabilize the PH or there will be a chemical reaction that occurs between the surface of the part and the paint. Vivex has a neutral PH of 6.5 and requires no neutralizing process prior to finishing.

A special paint finishing process was developed specifically for Vivex. This joint effort between the material manufacturer, the paint manufacturer, and Maxim.

The following Maxim Outdoor Lighting Livex Collections can be found at where all your Maxim Lighting products can be find.  The Nation's Largest Lighting Catalog. The Livex manufacturered versions of a collection are marked with a (vx) symbol after the series to differentiate from the standard material.   

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