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Energy Star Lighting Facts You Must Know

Posted by Gavin Martin on Tue, June 29, 2010

Energy Star LightingDID YOU KNOW

  • The average U.S. household has more than 40 sockets for light bulbs. 20% of your electric bills are directly attributed to lighting your home.
  • Only 10% of the electricity consumed in an incandescent bulb is converted into visible light. The other 90% is actually released as heat.
  • If you replaced 5 regular light bulbs with Minka-Lavery compact fluorescents you will save enough energy over the life of the 5 bulbs to light your whole house for nearly 11 months. 5 Minka Lavery compact fluorescents will save you about $190 over its lifetime, or enough money to purchase more ENERGY STAR lighting fixtures.
  • If every home in America replaced one fixture with a compact fluorescent fixture it would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for one year and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of 800,000 cars.

ENERGY STAR Indoor Lighting Fixtures          

  • Minka Lavery 1429 84Have a 2 year warranty… twice the industry standard.
  • Will save you up to 75% in energy cost over incandescent fixtures, which save on replacement costs and maintenance time.
  • Ballast’s are electronic; they are required to operate quieter, faster and more efficiently than the old magnetic ballast. This means less radio interference, instant start and a much faster warm up time.
  • The lamps have a much better color rendering today. 2700K lamps are very comparable to a typical incandescent lamp.

Minka-Lavery has developed a program in conjunction with ENERGY STAR to provide decorative indoor and outdoor product that is functional, attractive, and efficient. You can save money, greenhouse gases and not have to compromise on quality and style. For outdoor lighting Minka manufacturers the premier outdoor lighting line for discerning customers known as The Great Outdoors. Energy efficiency legislation has targeted outdoor lighting to reduce energy consumption and Minka makes some beautiful energy efficient outdoor lighting fixtures.

Minka Lavery

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