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Holiday Lighting Ideas

Posted by Gavin Martin on Fri, November 19, 2010

Elk Lighting Holidays

** Decorations may be a fire hazard if not installed properly - be sure to keep all decorations away from exposed bulbs on light fixtures.

    1. Wrap your chandelier arms with garland or gold ribbon and Christmas lights.

    1. Use low wattage "flicker flame" colored bulbs.

    1. Tie tiny ribbon bows on the arms of the chandelier.

    1. Hang Christmas ornaments (colored balls, gold tassels, stars) from your wall sconces and chandeliers using holiday ribbon.

    1. Add crystals to chandeliers, sconces and even table and floor lamps to reflect light.

  1. Change your chandelier shades for the holidays. Wrap existing shades in wrapping paper for foil paper and tie them with a ribbon.

We recommend Elk Lighting for all of your Outdoor Lighting and dining room Chandeliers. Be sure to check out our article Enhance Your Interior Lighting for the Holidays for great ideas on new light fixtures for the exterior and interior of your home to spruce up the holiday mood.

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