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Crystal Chandeliers Now Lighting The Kitchen

Posted by Gavin Martin on Thu, October 15, 2009

Crystal ChandeliersYears ago Crystal Chandeliers where reserved for the formal dining room. Kitchens were viewed as the back room of the house and not visible to guests. It was the down and dirty room of the house where food was prepared and the room was more about function then style.  In today's glamorous home designs, the kitchen is opened up with an open room concept.  It is the center of the home and the gathering point for when guests arrive. It may be the entertainment area for serving drinks and h'orderves. 

Now that Kitchens are entertainment areas they are getting all dressed up.  Luxury Faucets, stainless steel kitchen sinks and ranges, granite countertops and crystal chandeliers.

 Crystal Chandelier 

Our Featured Crystal Brand is Crystorama Lighting. Abraham Kleinberg founded Crystorama Lighting Group in Brooklyn, New York in 1958. As a family owned company their concern for excellence is expressed in their styling, detailing and sincere caring for their valued customer. The company was initially founded as a primary importer of crystal chandeliers from Bohemia - Northern Czechoslovakia - and offered the finest selection of classical crystal designs. The rich heritage has continued by sourcing out the best quality crystal worldwide. Its unique resources have allowed Crystorama Lighting Group to remain a dominant producer of Crystal, Brass and Wrought Iron chandeliers that remains unsurpassed in North America. Crystorama chandeliers are of traditional designs and use authentic molds and patterns to maintain the tradition of our forefathers. In a world of mass production, Crystorama Lighting Group continues to offer traditional chandeliers that require years of experience and specialized craftsmanship. Lighting Catalog is the online leader of Lighting by Crystorama.

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Planning Bathroom Lighting For Your Home

Posted by Gavin Martin on Mon, September 21, 2009


Bathroom LightingWhen considering the lighting plan for your bathroom, consider complimenting your choices with mirrors. Mirrors can make a space look larger and lighter; they can increase the impact of anything they reflect; they can change the contours of a room; and multiply and divide the effects of light.

The lighting fixture to the right is part of the Stowe Collection from Hinkley Lighting.

Another way to add sparkle is with a chandelier. The chandelier originated as a device to hold multiple candles, basically introducing more light when each individual source was of limited power. Over time, refinements were added to chandeliers, such as tiers of cut glass and crystal, primarily for the practical purpose of fracturing and multiplying the light further. Chandeliers can add these reflective properties to the bathroom creating depth and drama.

Bathroom Lighting


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Sizing Your Chandelier

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sat, September 19, 2009

To size a chandelier for your dining room, or to be the focal point of your space, measure the length and width of the room and add those figures together. The sum, converted to inches, will equal the diameter of the correct-sized chandelier.

Chandelier Size

Foyer SizingThe right light fixture in your foyer will create a welcoming atmosphere while providing you with the general light you need to greet guests and assure a safe passage into your home

WHEN MEASURING: If the resulting measurement (room length+width, converted to inches) seems inappropriate due to the size of your table, size your chandelier three quarters the width of your table.

TIP: In most cases, the bottom of your chandelier should sit approximately 30"-32" above the table top.

TIP: When determining whether to hang a flush, semi-flush, or multi-tiered chandelier in your foyer, be advised that the bottom of the fixture should be at least 7' from the floor.

TIP: For two-story foyers, if there is a window above the front door, center the chandelier so it can be seen from outside.

TIP: If your foyer is extra-large, you may also want to add sconces. Sconces should be installed 60" from the floor and 6'-8' apart.

Hinkley Lighting

Our Featured brand is Hinkley Lighting and Lighting Catalog has all of your Hinkley Lighting needs. is an online leader of Hinkley Outdoor Lighting and Hinkley Landscape Lighting.  We are a member of the Network of Online Stores. Free Ground Shipping on all orders over $99. Large selection, low prices and excellent customer service. The Home Lighting and Outdoor Lighting leader. Why shop elsewhere?

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Chandeliers for Every Room of The Home

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sun, August 30, 2009

Kitchen-ChandelierChandeliers aren't just for dining rooms and foyers anymore. In fact, they're showing up in other rooms of the home by adding charm in less formal rooms, and interest to many unexpected areas. In the past, it was unusual to see chandeliers anywhere except in the "power" positions of a home, such as at the entrance and over the dining room table. It was also more common for chandeliers to only be seen in upscale homes. For sure not in starter homes or entry level builder houses. But times have changed. Today, chandeliers are comfortable in homes in a variety of price ranges, and in almost all rooms. Why is this ocurring we ask?  We used to only show off our entrance and dining rooms. Kitchens have now expanded and are many times the gathering place when company or guests come over. No longer are they hidden places for cooking only. We are now entertaining guests with enterainment/bar sinks and serving counters in the kitchen.

A sense of intimacy can be added to niche areas of a room, such as corner spaces or alcoves, with mini-chandeliers, and some minis are even being used in place of wall sconces. Powder rooms are another place where chandeliers are frequently popping up. Grouping minis is also a popular design technique, such as hanging several minis above an island or bar area for great impact.

The master bedroom of today is often a luxurious suite that includes an elaborate master bathroom. Chandeliers can easily set the mood in these areas and are being used to create a relaxing or romantic spa-like atmosphere. Read our article on tips for Bathroom Lighting.

Bedroom-ChandelierA trend toward smaller chandeliers and mini-chandeliers make it possible to incorporate these items into smaller rooms or areas in the home such as over a little girl's baby crib or a girls room. We sometimes call these princess chandeliers.

The featured mini-chandelier for the bedroom on the right is part of the Casa Collection and the Kitchen Chandelier above is part of the Bolla Collection from our featured manufacturer Hinkley Lighting. Free Shipping on items over $50 shipped direct to your door. Shop Hinkley Chandeliers.

Hinkley Lighting

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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Dining Room Chandelier Lighting

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sun, July 12, 2009

chandeliersA chandelier is a great way to set the style of your dining room. Picking out the right chandelier is the crowning jewel or centerpiece of your dining room table. When you hang a chandelier over your dining table, you want to make sure the chandelier enhances the beauty of your dining room and furnishings by having the appropriate sizing, lighting and style.

Hanging height for your Chandelier

The most frequently asked question regarding chandeliers for the dining room is how high should it be hung in relationship to the table. Most chandeliers come with more chain then needed to account for  differing ceiling heights and will need to be reduced to size. For good design practice, the general height of the main lighting source of should be between 30" - 36" above the table top for an 8 foot ceiling. For taller ceilings you will want to raise the chandelier another 3" - 6" for every additional foot of ceiling height. You will want to have at least 150 watts overall illumination in the chandelier. You will want to avoid bulbs of high wattage as they will increase heat output and glare. Keep in mind that your guest will be sitting under the chandelier. Lighting that is too powerful and too close can put off heat which can make someone uncomfortable.

Sizing your Chandelier

Just as your dining room table comes in many shapes and sizes, so do chandeliers. So, its important to hang the chandelier in the appropriate position to have the best impact on the dining room. We recommend sizing your chandelier based on the size and measurements of your dining room table. For starters you will want to avoid a chandelier that is wider then your dining room table. Your guests will bump their heads on it when trying to sit down for dinner. A good design practice is that the chandelier should be at least 12 inches inside the outer edge of the table.   

Your room dimensions play a big role in your final chandelier selection. Essentially you want at least 4 feet of space between the walls and the chandelier around the room.  Any less and the chandelier will take up the entire room and will look out of proportion. For smaller rooms you can consider hanging a mini-pendant chandelier. Here are some recommended guides for the size of chandelier in relationship to the size of the room.


Diameter of Chandelier 

 10' X 10'

17" - 20" 

 12' X 12'

20" - 26" 

 14' X 14'

24" - 30" 

Chandelier Style

The style of your chandelier should match the style of your dining room or home. In many cases people choose to have the style of their chandelier set the style and theme for the dining room. Styles include Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary or Crystal Chandeliers. For more information about chandelier styles, visit our chandelier style article.

Dimming Controls

You should consider using a dimmer to vary the illumination to match your preferred dining atmosphere and experience. For every day dinning, you typically desire a bright light similar to the rest of your home. For formal or romantic dinners a soft candlelight is usually more desirable.

Accessory and Layered Lighting

To properly light your dining room you should layer your light. You can do this by using a chandelier ceiling light in conjunction with table lamps, buffet lamps, floor lamps, wall lighting and home accents to create a well designed look for your dining room.

Wall Sconces (wall lighting) come in many styles to match the chandelier and they are valuable in shedding accent lighting on a sideboard, serving table or buffet table. Sconces can help accent a mirror which gives depth to a dining room.

Feature Manufactures

Some of the most well known chandelier manufacturers are Murrary Feiss, Kichler, Minka-Lavery, Quoizel, Trump Home, Elk Lighting, Troy Lighting, and Corbett LightingJessica McClintock Home is well known for the romantic dining room collections. Trump Home Lighting is well known for that wealthly and rich New York style of Trump's number properties. For Crystal Lighting look to Crystorama for a wide selection of great Crystal Chandeliers.


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Kichler Lighting – Who is Kichler?

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sat, May 30, 2009

Kichler LightingKichler Lighting was started in 1938 by Leonard Kichler. In 1954 a gentleman by the name of Sam Minoff bought the small Cleveland decorative lighting company. As part of the purchase Sam promised to honor Leonard Kichler and never change the name of the company. He also agreed to maintain the excellence his customers had enjoyed. Sam kept his promises and Kichler Lighting is now the largest and most recognized Lighting Fixture company in the world.                                                                                      Kichler Lighting
Kichler Lighting is winner of 4 ARTS Lighting Manufacturer of the Year awards. Sam Minoff is a member of the Lighting Hall of Fame and is the inaugural winner of the ARTS Lifetime Achievement Award. Kichler Lighting is still family-owned and Sam brought the principals of leadership, loyalty, honesty and quality to this industry leading company.

These qualities are an important part of the makeup of every member of the Kichler Corporate family, each of whom understands decorative home lighting fixtures and who care about Kichler's customers.  In fact, each Kichler employee has been instilled, from the top down, with Sam's three guiding principals of Customer Care, Product Value and Excellence in Design.  Kichler is at the top of the list among retailers based on customer feedback about quality, reliability and ease of installation.                                             
At Kichler, they take pride in transforming light into beautiful, functional works of art. Kichler designers travel the world to discover the latest trends in interior and exterior style, colors and design. Then they translate the best of those trends into fixtures that will bring beauty, pleasure and light into your home to stand the test of time in both quality and design.

The result is a collection of distinctive fixtures that helps you express your personal style, taste and personality - whether it's casual, contemporary, urban or traditional. And to make it easy for you to decorate your entire home, we offer our lighting in family collections.

Kichler Lighting - Giving you a better way of lighting your world is not just our job, it's our passion.

Check out Kichler Lighting, Kichler Chandeliers, Kichler Pendants, Kichler Outdoor Lighting and Kichler Landscape Lighting at these fine retailers. 

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