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Crystorama Children's Lighting Befits a Princess

Posted by Gavin Martin on Tue, April 27, 2010

Childrens LightingChildrens' Lighting has gained impressive popularity over the last few years. Especially for little girl's rooms with what they call Princess Chandeliers or mini-chandeliers. Families are spending more on home decor and their children. Grandparents are also spending more on their Granddaughters to ensure they are princesses.  

Crystorama Lighting's children's category (Designed with Love Collection) meets your demand for a wide-ranging assortment of classic children's lighting with trend forward embellishments. Plus, it fulfills our granddaughters' visions of lighting befitting a princess!  Full of fun and whimsy, with dreamy styles that combine classic, contemporary and casual, our "Designed With Love" series has a complete collection of fairytale lighting options. These delightfully childish pieces appeal to girls of all ages, from infants and toddlers, to tweens and teens.  Each item is crafted of elegant wrought iron frames and come in a variety of finishes options. 

Crystorama's new versatile "blush" finish is a soft-pale pink that can not only work with little girl's bedrooms, but also coordinate well with master baths, closets, sunrooms, and hallways.  Pieces include chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling mounts, table lamps and lampshades. Items are decorated with clear and pink Murano crystals and multicolored rosettes.

Crystorama Lighting is the premier lighting manufacturer or high end children's lighting and princess chandeliers. has all your Crystorama needs and is the leading online distributor of Crystorama Chandeliers.

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Guide to Picking Perfect Crystal Lighting

Posted by Gavin Martin on Wed, January 13, 2010

Crystal Lighting 

(S) STRASS CRYSTAL : Absolute perfection.
Considered the finest crystal in the world. Strass is manufactured by Swarovski AG in the Austrian Alps. Strass is an optically pure crystal, clear as spring water, totally free of flaws, unique in purity and brilliance. Strass crystal is characterized by razor-sharp cutting of facets with the lead content in excess of 30 percent. Cutting and polishing are done by machine to achieve perfect optical clarity. Strass crystals are treated with an invisible coating which eliminates dust attraction and makes it easier to clean and maintain.

(SAQ) SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL: A beautiful value.
A passion for perfection has made Swarovski the world leader in production of cut crystal. Swarovski & Co. manufacturer of Strass Crystal, has created a new alternative quality crystal. Swarovski used advanced technology with olde world knowledge to produce brilliant crystal with precision cutting and superior light reflection. This crystal type is designed for a crystal connoisseur demanding quality at an affordable price.

(MWP) MAJESTIC WOOD POLISHED: The choice of traditionalists.
Our majestic Wood Polished crystal is cut by hand in two stages on an iron and then a sandstone wheel. Each crystal is then polished on a wood wheel with marble dust. These methods go back centuries. If you look closely you will notice faint traces of the wood-wheel attesting to the concentrated labor of the artisan. This is a mark of authenticity. Each piece is a unique and original masterpiece.

(I) ITALIAN CRYSTAL: Venetian heritage.
Venetian crystal (from the glass-making regions in and around Venice) is molded, not cut. You will notice a rounding of edges that comes form fire polishing. Molded crystal though never as brilliant as cut crystal, has a subtle charm and is an exceptional value. It is an ideal budget crystal for heavily dressed and or commercially oriented chandeliers.

MURANO CRYSTAL: Imaginative form.
Each hand blown piece is an original work of art. No two crystals are alike. When color is added, the crystal takes on a whimsical form. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Including fruit, spheres, tear-drops and flowers.

Now that you have learned about the different quality of crystals, read our article entitled The 5 C's of Crystal Chandeliers to help you pick the perfect crystal chandelier. 

Crystorama Lighting is the prefered Crystal Lighting manufacturer on Be sure to check out Crystorama Chandeliers.

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The 5 C's of Crystal Chandeliers

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sat, January 09, 2010

Crystorama LightingLearn the 5 C's of Crystal Chandeliers to ensure you pick the perfect Crystal Lighting Fixture for your home.  We talked with the crystal experts at Crystorama Lighting to help guide you in your purchase decision.  

Understand the right size chandelier for your room. Proper scale 2" per foot of room. If circumference of room is 12' X 14', a 26" diameter chandelier is correct.

Additional Guidelines
4 - 6 person dining table: 20"-24" chandelier
6 - 8 person dining table: 25"-29" chandelier
8 - 10 person dining table: 30"-36" chandelier
Height above dining table: 30"- 32".
Two story Foyer: 10'-11' above the floor.

Select the desired shape and style to fit your lifestyle and taste.

Select your quality cut of crystal (refer to above "Types of Crystal"). Buying a crystal chandelier is similar to buying a diamond. Choose your preferred shape and style of the chandelier. Next, the cost of the chandelier will depend on chosen quality of crystal.

Select desired finish. Glass arm chandeliers are available in Gold or Silver.
Silver: The authentic color. Will reflect the true color spectrum of crystal. Works in all interiors.
Gold: A dramatic color. Works well when complementing furniture and hardware in brass.

Crystorama Lighting has earned confidence with 40 years of experience and worldwide reputation for quality and professional service. A crystal chandelier, whatever its shape, size, or cost, is an important purchase. We encourage you to seek the help and advice of experienced personnel before choosing the chandelier that will become a part of your personal history, future and lifestyle. Crystorama is the leading manufacturer of Crystal Chandeliers sold on

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Posted by Gavin Martin on Wed, January 06, 2010
Crystorama LightingDesign inspiration and name recognition comes from a city known worldwide for its unique and inventive style - Paris, France.  One of its best known shopping experiences is found at the Paris Flea market, Le Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen.  Located at the edge of the city, this delightful bazaar receives approximately 200,000 visitors every weekend.  This is a special place where you will find treasures from the past - from magnificent copies to marvelous originals.  Le Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen is sure to have what you're looking for, and Crystorama Lighting's Paris Flea collection was conceived with that idea in mind.  The innovative compilation of color crystal drops and Murano color fruit draped onto wrought iron frames will turn any setting into a romantic one.  Ordinary lighting becomes extraordinary when hand painted frames meet soft curves, highlighted by unique shades of crystal, creating illumination that's practical, yet sophisticated.  The enchanting combination of chic but affordable makes the Crystorama Paris Flea Collection even more desirable.  The look is ideal for a new generation of customers who want a casual chandelier for today's interior spaces.  Crystorama Lighting is the leading crystal chandelier brand sold on 
 Crystorama Lighting  Crystorama Lighting  Crystorama Lighting





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Crystal Chandeliers Now Lighting The Kitchen

Posted by Gavin Martin on Thu, October 15, 2009

Crystal ChandeliersYears ago Crystal Chandeliers where reserved for the formal dining room. Kitchens were viewed as the back room of the house and not visible to guests. It was the down and dirty room of the house where food was prepared and the room was more about function then style.  In today's glamorous home designs, the kitchen is opened up with an open room concept.  It is the center of the home and the gathering point for when guests arrive. It may be the entertainment area for serving drinks and h'orderves. 

Now that Kitchens are entertainment areas they are getting all dressed up.  Luxury Faucets, stainless steel kitchen sinks and ranges, granite countertops and crystal chandeliers.

 Crystal Chandelier 

Our Featured Crystal Brand is Crystorama Lighting. Abraham Kleinberg founded Crystorama Lighting Group in Brooklyn, New York in 1958. As a family owned company their concern for excellence is expressed in their styling, detailing and sincere caring for their valued customer. The company was initially founded as a primary importer of crystal chandeliers from Bohemia - Northern Czechoslovakia - and offered the finest selection of classical crystal designs. The rich heritage has continued by sourcing out the best quality crystal worldwide. Its unique resources have allowed Crystorama Lighting Group to remain a dominant producer of Crystal, Brass and Wrought Iron chandeliers that remains unsurpassed in North America. Crystorama chandeliers are of traditional designs and use authentic molds and patterns to maintain the tradition of our forefathers. In a world of mass production, Crystorama Lighting Group continues to offer traditional chandeliers that require years of experience and specialized craftsmanship. Lighting Catalog is the online leader of Lighting by Crystorama.

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