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Dark Sky Initiative Lighting Preserving our Sky

Posted by Gavin Martin on Mon, August 03, 2009

Many communities throughout the world have begun to realize the importance of minimizing light pollution. According to the International Dark-Sky Association, light pollution is defined as any adverse effect of artificial light, including sky glow, glare, light trespass, light clutter, decreased visibility at night, and energy waste. Ever see a City from the highway in the dark by seeing a glow in the night sky?  This is light pollution coming from so many energy wasting light fixtures illuminating in all directions. In many communities across the world, it is becoming exceedingly difficult to view the nighttime sky. A sweeping trend across the country is to now take back the night skys with education, ordinances and quality lighting from responsible lighting manufacturers.  The International Dark-Sky Association is an educational and environmental non profit dedicated to assisting and educating municipalities world wide on preserving the night sky.   

dark sky lightingPrior to widespread use of electric lighting, the night sky was a stunning view with several thousand stars visible on a clear, moonless night. With the growth of electric lighting and urban sprawl, the view of the night sky gradually retreated to rural areas. Now, even the once dark skies of rural areas are threatened by urban sprawl. Within a few decades, a star-filled night sky may be a distant memory if we dont take corrective action.

Sea Gull LightingOur impact on the planet is significant. The nation's natural resources and ecology have all been impacted and the race to protect and save them is on. Lighting manufacturers such as our featured Sea Gull Lighting continues its commitment to providing lighting that has less impact on the environment with its ENERGY STAR® qualified fixtures that help reduce harmful green house gas emissions.

Dark Sky lighting as a category are designed specifically to limit and reduce the upward spill of light that reduces our dark, night skies and ability to see stars.

Lighting that protects the night sky works to cutoff the light upwards, minimizing light pollution. Dark Sky lighting is also neighbor-friendly so light is not glaring into your neighbors bedroom window. We all need outdoor lighting fixtures for safety and security, but we dont need to spill it upwards towards the night sky.

The Dark Sky lighting line of outdoor lighting fixtures at Lighting Catalog offers designer styles to compliment any of architectural home style. All the outdoor lighting fixtures featured in this catalog are designed to meet the specifications of the Dark Sky initiative.

Light the ground or your landscaping, but not the sky!

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