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Novelty Lighting for Big and Little Kids

Posted by Gavin Martin on Tue, November 23, 2010

Novelty LightingNovelty lighting will always be the perfect fit for a child's room. Getting creative when decorating a child's room can be a lot of fun.  The options to decorate your child's bedroom have dramatically increased in recent years. In today's world parents are spending a lot of time and money on their kids and there are a lot more products in the marketplace to decorate kids rooms. The juvenile products market is exploding in kids decor, kids furniture, kids novelty lighting; etc.

Matching the lighting to the theme of the room is easy with ELK and Landmark novelty lighting. Lights of moons and stars will allow them to drift off to sleep peacefully. Dancing ballerina's, butterflies and hearts add a whimsical nature. You may even inspire an athlete with their favorite sports lighting. All your kids to dream big.


Elk Novelty LightingWe talked about kids, but lets not forget about the big kids in the house. Big brother or Dad. Sports fans, car fans, train fans; etc. Celebrate their dedication to their favorite sport by decorating their room with novelty sports lighting. Add that special touch to the family room or rec room where they watch their favorite sports team.

Do you know someone who has a passion for planes or spends their free time collecting trains? Surprise them with lighting to commemorate their passions. 

ElK Lighting and Landmark Lighting are the leaders in the decorative lighting industry for quality grade novelty lighting. ELK Lighting is the license for top brands such as Trump Home Lighting. Landmark is the cornerstone for game room and billiards lighting.

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Holiday Lighting Ideas

Posted by Gavin Martin on Fri, November 19, 2010

Elk Lighting Holidays

** Decorations may be a fire hazard if not installed properly - be sure to keep all decorations away from exposed bulbs on light fixtures.

    1. Wrap your chandelier arms with garland or gold ribbon and Christmas lights.

    1. Use low wattage "flicker flame" colored bulbs.

    1. Tie tiny ribbon bows on the arms of the chandelier.

    1. Hang Christmas ornaments (colored balls, gold tassels, stars) from your wall sconces and chandeliers using holiday ribbon.

    1. Add crystals to chandeliers, sconces and even table and floor lamps to reflect light.

  1. Change your chandelier shades for the holidays. Wrap existing shades in wrapping paper for foil paper and tie them with a ribbon.

We recommend Elk Lighting for all of your Outdoor Lighting and dining room Chandeliers. Be sure to check out our article Enhance Your Interior Lighting for the Holidays for great ideas on new light fixtures for the exterior and interior of your home to spruce up the holiday mood.

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Enhance Your Interior Lighting for the Holidays

Posted by Gavin Martin on Fri, November 19, 2010

Elk LightingLight can be the most important decorating element, creating warmth that makes a space feel like home. As the holidays fast approach, we are spending more time celebrating with family and friends. We are usually attending as well as hosting many of our own parties. The right lighting determines the atmosphere in your home. It can relax or invigorate the atmosphere and can also just add a decorative holiday touch.

Many people concentrate on decorating their home on the inside for the holidays. There are simple jobs that can create a very appealing and grand entrance for the outside of your home. The simple projects of painting your door, changing the door hardware or adding a festive door mat can create a more inviting entry way to your home. To hightlight these changes to the front of your home, don't forget to change your outdoor lighting fixtures. These simple changes will make the exterior of your home more inviting for your holiday guests. We recommend using Elk Lighting for exterior lighting.

Lighting is the single most effective element in decorating, dramatically improving the look and feel of any room. Gentle lighting from several sources can accent as well as create a comfortable atmosphere. Ambient lighting is used to enhance focal points and even create a festive and artistic feel in a room. Ambient lighting can be created through specific placement of table and floor lamps which will create a comforting effect that is both relaxing and interesting. In contrast, bold lighting will bring out the rich dramatic colors used in the decor. It will draw your attention to the brightly lit areas where family and friends will gather. The general illumination of a room can strongly influence the mood of a room from bright and festive to more intimate and romantic. The simplest things can have the most profound effect on us and how we view our home. Decorate and celebrate the holidays with decorative lighting fixtures.   

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Drum Pendants Make The Perfect Centerpiece

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sat, October 02, 2010


Elk Lighting Drum PendantsDecorative and Functional

During the process of decorating your home or business, the right lighting selection can be both practical and     decorative.  There are several advantages to using Drum Pendants in any room:

1. Accenting with Light—place a Drum Pendant of varying brightness over any spot that could use a bit of visual      emphasis. Instead of diffusing the light sideways, light is  directly focused in a specific area.

2. Functional  Task Lighting - many places within a home or business need extra light for functional uses. Perhaps over a dining table, kitchen prep area or a  poorly lit desk. Drum Pendants focus light on small or large  areas depending on the size of the pendant.

3. Limited Space  - Drum Pendants are the perfect solution.  Floor lamps take up valuable floor space and table lamps take up useable space on desks or tables. Drum Pendants   allow focused light without taking up valuable space to work and entertain.

4. Decorating Option -  Drum Pendants are available in    varying sizes and shapes as well as textures and colors. 

ELK Lighting Modern OrganicsDrum Pendants have graced many homes, offices and      restaurants because they simply add a touch of class coupled with  usability and versatility. 

Consider  Drum Pendants as not only a functional lighting option but also an accessories to your room’s décor.  ELK and Landmark Lighting offer artistic designs, varying shapes and sizes.  You can view all our Drum Pendants online. The series show to the right is part of the Modern Organics collection from ELK Lighting.  

ELK Lighting Fabrique

The experts at Lighting Catalog are the online leaders in ELK Lighting and Landmark Lighting Drum pendant lighting. Call our experts to ensure we are not undersold. 110% Price Gaurantee.

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Outdoor Lighting Welcomes You Home

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sat, October 02, 2010

Elk Outdoor LightingFront entrance lighting, as well as overall outdoor lighting is the first thing that welcomes your guests as they approach your home. As such, it creates the first impression of your home, particulary in the evening. It is important to take extra time in selecting the proper light and styles for both visual appeal and security. Outdoor lighting is available in many styles just like interior lighting, so you can easily harmonize the lighting inside and out with the architectural elements and increase the curb appeal of the home.

Create your outdoor living spaces with lighting that accentuates your style. Wall lanterns and chain hung lanterns spread a warm glow and set the right mood for relaxation and entertaining.

Plan on using pier or post mounts near driveways or walkways, chain hung lanterns or flush mounts above the front door and wall lanterns on each side of the entranceway.

Designs are available from casual to ornate to match any decor.


Wall lanterns on each side of the front door give your home a warm, welcoming look. Hang them approximately 66 inches above the bottom of the door, slightly above eye level. The height of the wall lanterns should be from 1/5 to 1/6 of the entrance height.

A wall lantern can be used to light other entrances to the home, mounted on the keyhole side of the door.

Chain hung lanterns and wall lanterns can be used to add illumination to outdoor living spaces.

Choose a chain hung lantern or flush mount to hang above the front door beneath an overhang for added light and visual appeal.

Add a pier mount or post light near driveways and walkways for added illumination and security.


  • Wall Lantern
  • Flush Mount
  • Chain Hung Lantern
  • Pier or Post Mount


  • LED - Long lasting bulbs with energy savings greater than conpact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Compact Fluorescent (CFL) - Readily available, uses existing fixture's sockets, more efficient than incandescent bulbs.
  • Photocell - Does the work for you by turning fixture on at night and off during the day.

The Experts at Lighting Catalog are the premier online retailer of outdoor lighting. Elk Outdoor Lighting is a premier brand for exclusive tastes.  Call for the Best Prices. 

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Restoration Lighting Passes Test of Time

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sat, October 02, 2010


Restoration Lighting reflects the beauty of hand turned craftsmanship inspired by the early 20th Century lighting and antiques that have surpassed the test of time. These collections feature detailing appropriate for classic or traditional decors and blend vintage design elements with today's casual living. They offer a modern interpretation of period designs with a discriminating concern for preserving historic lighting and architectural lighting with historic charm and timeless design.  


  • A chandelier, flush mount or a semi flush fixture can be used as the main light in your foyer, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and hallway. The bottom of the fixture should be at least 7 feet from the floor.
  • If there is a window in the foyer above the front door, center a chandelier there so it can be seen from outside.
  • Kitchen islands can be lit with multiple pendants. The bottom of the pendants should be 30 inches above the counter top, at eye level.
  • A dining room chandelier should be no wider than 12 inches less than the width of the table. The bottom of the chandelier should be at least 30 inches above the tabletop.
  • Sconces can be used for additional light in a foyer, living room, dining room, bedroom and hallway. They are hung about 60 inches from the floor, spaced 6 - 8 feet apart along the wall.
  • A bathroom should use a bathbar at least 20 inches wide over the mirror, plus a wall sconce or swingarm on each side of the mirror at least 28 inches apart and 60 inches above the floor.
  • If you have a double sink vanity, use a bathbar that is almost as wide as the mirror, or two fixtures (one over each sink). The bathbars should be mounted 78 inches from the floor, centered over the mirror.


  • Determining fixture width: Add length and width dimensions (in feet) of the room together. This number is the proper width (in inches) for the fixture to fit the room.
  • Determining fixture height: The bottom of the fixture should be at least 7 feet from the floor.


The calculation for the proper light wattage* for each room in the home:

Multiply the length times the width of the room (in feet). Then, multiply that number times 1.5.  * Wattage is based on incandescent (standard) bulbs.

The best source for Restoration Lighting is from the experts at ELK Lighting and Landmark Lighting for these craftsman and period style lighting. Lighting Catalog is the premier online retailer for these top two brands and Lighting Fixtures

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Outdoor Lighting Dresses Up Home For Outdoor Parties

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sun, June 20, 2010



ELK LightingThe weather is now nice and warm and Outdoor lighting enhances the overall beauty of your home. Front entrance lighting , as well as overall outdoor lighting is the first thing that welcomes your guests as they approach your home. It is the first I impression of your home. It is important to take extra time in selecting the proper light and style for both visual appeal and security.

Wall lanterns and chain hung lanterns will give your home a warm, welcoming look, while assuring the safety of your guests and family. They can also set the right mood for relaxation and outdoor entertaining.

Plan on using pier mounts or post lights near driveways and walkways.

ELK-LightingEnergy Saving Outdoor Lighting Tips

Several outdoor fixtures from ELK in the Barrington Gate collection have been certified Energy Star products.

LED-Long lasting bulbs with energy savings greater than compact fluorescent bulbs

Compact Fluorescent (CFL) - Readily available, uses existing fixture's sockets, more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Exterior lighting is one of the best places to use CFLs because of their long life. If you live in a cold climate buy a lamp with a cold weather ballast since standard CFLs may not work well below 40*F.

Lights powered by small Photovoltaic (PV) modules that convert sunlight directly into electricity. Consider PV-powered lights for areas that are not near an existing power supply line.

Outdoor lights with a photocell unit and motion sensor will turn on only at night or when someone is present.

For outdoor lighting and lanterns, the LightingGuru recommends ELK Outdoor Lighting. Great styles from a great quality brand.  

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Trump Hotel Chicago has Lighting Style

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sun, June 13, 2010

Trump Home LightingNothing says style and luxury like the Trump® brand. I had the opportunity this past week, while in Chicago, to stay at the luxurious Trump Hotel & Tower. The Trump Hotel met all of my expectations and more. Superb service, impecable dining, spacious and contemporary rooms and best of all, the best views and location in all of Chicago.  The rooms are immaculately designed for the most discerning traveller. The Trump Hotel is the utmost in comfort and luxury. Every detail of the luxurious accommodations, from the floor-to-ceiling windows to the striking custom furnishings enhances the experience, encouraging one to unwind and indulge. We had a luxurious river view suite that made us feel like we were practically in the river. The view of the buildings along the river showed us how architectural the City of Chicago truly is.

The thing we liked best about Trump's luxurious hotel was their attention to minor details known as kids. Most 5 star hotels I stay at do everything to keep kids out.  They only have 1 King bed per room, no pull out sofas or they attempt to force you to rent a second room for your kids to prohibit you from bringing them.  Trump has what is known as Trump Kids®. This means they spend a lot of time and thought making sure your kids are taken care of. Upon entering the room the kids were presented with a special treat of milk and cookies and the names were written on the plates with chocolate. Nice touch as it made them feel special. 

Of course as a perveyor of home lighting and designer plumbing, I must touch base on the Lighting and designer bath suite, especially since our company sells and promotes the Trump Home brand of Lighting by ELK Lighting.   This was very similar to what was in the rooms and the lighting fixtures throughout the hotel. 

Trump Hotel ChicagoThe room lighting creates a sophisticated and modern appeal. All of the chandeliers, wall lights and table lamps had a polished nickel finish, cream colored glass and cream hardback fabric shades. It's inspired by the Manhattan lifestyle that I have seen in many properties surrounding Central Park in New York. This is very similar to the Tribeca Collection from Trump Home Lighting which combines downtown chic with timeless elegance.

Trump Lighting Tribeca

The bathroom suite was also spectacular with a great layout and ameneties.  The tiled walls and floors are luxurious limestone. A deep-soaking tub and state-of-the-art Kohler shower system along with a TV built into the mirror over a double vanity. All of the fixtures, faucets and showers where from KOHLER.

KOHLER Bathroom

The Trump Hotel and Towers has definitely earned my 5 star rating and a repeat customer. My 2 year old and 5 year old also give the all encompassing treatment of the Trump Kids® Program 5 stars along with their thumbs up. 

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Fashion Home Lighting

Posted by Gavin Martin on Mon, May 24, 2010

mary-kate and ashleyJust when you think this two film and fashion icons have done it all, they launch their own line of home lighting. Introducing the Mary-Kate and Ashley lighting collections! These high-quality, decor-minded lighting products reflect the well-known style and youthful appeal associated with the mary-kateandashley brand. They will be offered at fine lighting showrooms and retailers throughout North America.

The co-branded product is created by the award-winning ELK Lighting design team under the design direction of Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen. Taking advantage of the hottest trends in lighting today, three collections have emerged.

Influenced by nature's tranquil beauty, the Elemis collection exudes a modern look and comes in a wide variety of sleek finishes. Chrome, Jet Black and Pure White ceramic rocks blend harmoniously with the rich elegance of faux suede shades, or choose an Earth-Toned base with a beige fabric shade.

Simplicity of form and color blend seamlessly in the Continuum collection. Smooth, flowing shapes, a simple palette of rich colors and chrome accents combine to provide a clean, contemporary flare for your decor.

With its vine-like motif, the beauty of nature comes through in the Solaire collection. The textured open-work style base is highlighted with an Antique Eggshell finish and an earth-toned beige fabric shade.

A display of elegant simplicity, the Avanti collection features a slender center column with a brilliant crystal accent and an Antique Eggshell finish. A textured fabric shade with beaded trimmings and pink crystal accents provide a sophisticated designer touch.

Accentua features smoked black glass with pink facets for the style savvy.

Rosavita highlights a traditional flair, offering antique white chandeliers with a mixture of pink and clear crystals accenting delicate pink roses.

Create-A-Shade appeals to the eclectic personality by allowing the individual to select the color and pattern of the shade.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Collections

 Avanti  Continuum  Elemis  Rosavita  Solaire







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Kitchen Lighting with Bright Ideas

Posted by Gavin Martin on Thu, January 21, 2010

Elk Lighting

Kitchens used to be the back room of the house and not visible to guests. It was the prep room you didn't want your guests to see and was more about function then style.  In today's glamorous home designs, the kitchen is opened up with an open room concept.  It is the center of the home and the gathering point for when guests arrive. It may be the entertainment area for serving drinks and h'orderves. 

Now that Kitchens are entertainment areas they are getting all dressed up with designer island lights and pendant lighting.

Follow these great tips for Kitchen Lighting with Style.

  • You can use a chandelier, a flush mount or semi-flush fixture as the main light in your kitchen. The bottom of the fixture should be at least 7 feet from the floor.

  • To light areas such as kitchen islands, use a decorative island lighting fixture with 2 or 3 shades, or multiple pendants can be installed over your island for sufficient light and to add a designer element to that area. The bottom of the fixtures should be no lower than 30 inches above the counter top.

  • To light a dinette area, use a decorative pendant (single light - since this is generally a smaller eating area) or a mini-chandelier. The bottom of the fixture should be no lower than 30 inches above the tabletop.
The light fixture in the picture above is part of the Maple Collection from Elk Lighting.

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