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Novelty Lighting for Big and Little Kids

Posted by Gavin Martin on Tue, November 23, 2010

Novelty LightingNovelty lighting will always be the perfect fit for a child's room. Getting creative when decorating a child's room can be a lot of fun.  The options to decorate your child's bedroom have dramatically increased in recent years. In today's world parents are spending a lot of time and money on their kids and there are a lot more products in the marketplace to decorate kids rooms. The juvenile products market is exploding in kids decor, kids furniture, kids novelty lighting; etc.

Matching the lighting to the theme of the room is easy with ELK and Landmark novelty lighting. Lights of moons and stars will allow them to drift off to sleep peacefully. Dancing ballerina's, butterflies and hearts add a whimsical nature. You may even inspire an athlete with their favorite sports lighting. All your kids to dream big.


Elk Novelty LightingWe talked about kids, but lets not forget about the big kids in the house. Big brother or Dad. Sports fans, car fans, train fans; etc. Celebrate their dedication to their favorite sport by decorating their room with novelty sports lighting. Add that special touch to the family room or rec room where they watch their favorite sports team.

Do you know someone who has a passion for planes or spends their free time collecting trains? Surprise them with lighting to commemorate their passions. 

ElK Lighting and Landmark Lighting are the leaders in the decorative lighting industry for quality grade novelty lighting. ELK Lighting is the license for top brands such as Trump Home Lighting. Landmark is the cornerstone for game room and billiards lighting.

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Gameroom Billiard Lighting Buyers Guide

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sun, June 27, 2010

Gameroom LightsOver the past few years, gameroom lighting has begun finding its way into other rooms besides just the gameroom or rec room. Gameroom/Island lights are remarkably versatile and can be used over a pool table, in a bar area, over a kitchen island or over a dining room table for optimal illumination and a touch of class.

The Tiffany lighting collection takes its cues from the game, sporting colorful, detailed illustrations and classic victorian themes. The Designer Classics collection runs the gamut from spirited, fun-loving billiard lights inspired by the game itself to an array of stunning, rich designs that make an eye catching statement. The Casual Traditions collection provides simplified elegance with beautiful variations of metal and glass. 

When mentioning the word gameroom, a pool table often comes to mind, and proper billiard lighting is important. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, gameroom lights adds air of ambiance to the room.


Choosing the right gameroom light for your home depends mostly on your decor. If you have a more rustic look consider using a more traditional light with stained tiffany glass. For a modern feel, choose a gameroom light that features a sleek shape and is finished in black or silver.


  • Various finishes available to match your style.
  • Interchangeable glass or metal shade choices.
  • Increase energy efficiency with compact fluorescen bulbs in existing line voltage sockets.


  • Hang billiard lights at least 32 inches above the bed of the pool table. The bottom of the fixture should be at eye level when standing. Always center the light lengthwise on the table.
  • The function of billiard light is to provide even lighting across the entire surface of your pool table, including the top of the rails to avoid shadows. The edge of the field of light produced by the billiard light should line up with the edge of the table.
  • Most pool players agree that fluorescent bulbs provide the most even lighting across the table.
  • Gameroom/Island lights can also light a kitchen island or dining room. The bottom of the fixture should be 30 inches above the table surface, at eye level. 

Landmark Lighting is the leading manufacturer of Billiard Lights and Gameroom Lights. We carry hundreds of fixtures for your pool table including Tiffany art glass containing pool table graphics designed into the glass. Lighting Catalog is the leading provider of Landmark Lighting online with all lighting fixtures in stock.

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