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Lighting Is Single Most Important Element In Decorating

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sat, November 14, 2009

Elk-LightingLighting is the single most important element in decorating, dramatically improving the look and feel of any room.

In addition to being functional, lighting can also influence the mood of a room, in three different ways.

First, the general illumination can strongly influence the mood of a room. A brightly lit room projects a positive, upbeat mood. A darker room is more intimate and romantic. One mistake many people make in lighting their homes is to have only one extreme or the other so much light that you need sunglasses or just a dim candle.

Second, the lighting fixtures themselves express a mood. Some fixtures are traditional some contemporary, some are lavish and ornate, some are starkly simple. As with the furniture you select, the style of the lighting fixtures should be suitable in mood to the rest of the décor.

Third, you can provide accents of light in specific parts of a room for no functional reason, but simply because they will add a dramatic touch.

The Lighting Fixture in the photo is part of our popular ELK Lighting collection.  ELK has some of the most sophisticated and elegant fixtures in the market. 

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Coordinate Lighting In All Spaces Of Your Home

Posted by Gavin Martin on Tue, November 10, 2009

Designing with Light

Lighting should not be an afterthought when decorating a room. In fact, light is one of the strongest design elements, one that can greatly influence emotions, making it the most versatile component when decorating a home. With lighting, bold statements can be made, and small touches can add up to make a large impression. Below are suggestions for some areas in the home where "carrying over your lighting plan" can make all the difference in enhancing your décor.

Hinkley LightingThe lighting fixture shown to the left is from the Hinkley Lighting collection of Lighting Fixtures from their Bolla Family (4667 BN).

BEDSIDES can benefit from hanging mini-chandeliers over, or Hinkley sconce lights above, each bedside table. The lights will provide adequate light for reading, while leaving night tables free for other items.

IN THE OFFICE try installing two large ceiling fixtures to provide plenty of well-diffused general lighting, while eliminating shadows on the desk. You can also place wall sconces behind you, to the right and left of your desk, so the light comes over the shoulders.

FIREPLACES can be enhanced by placing wall sconces on each side of the mantle. This will draw attention to the fireplace area while providing general lighting for the living room.

Hinkley Wall SconcesHALLWAYS should be illuminated every 8 to 10 feet for safety. You can accomplish this with decorative ceiling fixtures or Hinkley Lighting flush mount lights, and complimentary wall sconces.

STAIRS should be lighted from top to bottom to prevent accidents, with switches at both ends for convenience. If hall and foyer fixtures do not illuminate the entire stairway, you can install a chain-hung or flush mount fixture above the top step.

GAME TABLES require bright, even overhead lighting. Chandelier island lights can offer a decorative, yet functional solution.

BARS can be lighted from above with pendants that hover intimately over the bar.

A BUFFET or SIDEBOARD can be flanked with wall sconces on either side. Choose fixtures that complement the style of your chandelier.

THE KITCHEN TABLE is multi-purpose - used for dining, homework, hobbies or family business. A decorative pendant, operating with a dimmer control, provides sufficient task lighting. Use the dimmer to adjust the brightness for dining or entertaining.

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The Different Styles of Lighting

Posted by Gavin Martin on Thu, June 11, 2009

Traditional LightingTraditional: Lighting Fixtures in this category include elements and details reminiscent of antiques and furniture both European and American. This also includes lighting fixtures which are time-period specific, such as Victorian, Arts and Crafts, and Mission. Characterized by elegance, gentle curves, and straight lines all wrapped in restrained ornamentation with simple finishing.  The classic look of fixtures never go out of style and bring out classic elegance for today's homes. Traditional Lighting fixtures exude the craftsmanship, reminiscent of the work performed by skilled artisans who made fixtures in the past.  



Transitional Lighting




Transitional: Lighting Fixtures in this category have simple lines and clean shapes. These lighting fixtures are inspired by traditional lighting fixtures, but are less detailed and ornate and are more open and simple in their construction. They strike a balance between classic design and the ever-evolving modern look and feel.  Homeowners who thirst for classic design elements but want something that's atypical then you are going to love transitional lighting fixtures.                 




Contemporary LightingContemporary: Lighting Fixtures in this category have clean geometric outlines. They are also referred to as Modern.  Contemporary fixtures are drawn from architectural and organic forms. This style is clean, with uncluttered lines and lacks ornamentation. Single tone finishes with no texture such as chrome or nickel and an overall light feel in the construction. This style also now has some darker bronze or brown finishes and softer shapes which is often referred to as soft contemporary. If you are a trendsetter who likes to stand out from the crowd with hip or trendy styles then this style is for you. Contemporary fixtures come in matching collections consisting of table and floor lamps, torchieres, chandeliers and pendants.

Search these Lighting Fixtures for the style that fits your room best.  The images in this article are from Minka Lavery, reflecting their dedication to decorative lighting, offering the finest quality and workmanship. The finest design flair at unprecedented value.  

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Kichler Lighting - 2009 New Collections

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sat, May 30, 2009

Kichler Lighting introduces new lighting fashions for 2009 including the Montara, Hanna, Structures, Tacoma, and The Woodlands Eclections Collections.

The relaxed Montara(TM) Collection blends Olde World styling with a hint of modernism. Featuring a textured Olde Iron finish, its unadorned linear composition is carefully balanced by stunning curved sheets of Textured Linen glass.

The statuesque HannaTM Collection by Kichler® demands attention with its large scale slender design, classic Heritage Bronze Finish and highly polished K9 crystal center font. Its gorgeous simple lines and ornate banding are perfectly complemented by stunning Mica Shades atop individual K9 crystals that beautifully reflect warm, inviting light.

The Structures Collection proves that one style can take on numerous forms. Structures pendants, chandeliers, and bath lighting employ a universal shape to create modern, aesthetically pleasing lighting capable of unmatched versatility, forming a unique and eclectic style all its own.

Perfect for a lodge out west or a sophisticated east coast loft, the multifaceted TacomaTM Lighting Collection complements a variety of interior styles. Its simple transitional design is characterized by a warm Olde Bronze® finish, bold straight lines with wavy accents and stylish Stone and Art Glass that adds a hint of color for interest.

Enhance the indoors with the outdoors with The Woodlands EclectionsTM. These hand-painted pieces mix reverse painted glass, porcelain and wood for a truly unique addition to your outdoor inspired room.

Purchase these Collections from Kichler Lighting.

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