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How To Size A Medallion For Your Lighting Fixture

Posted by Gavin Martin on Sat, March 27, 2010
Ceilings, considered the fifth wall, are the largest blank canvases available for home improvement. Throughout history, ceiling lighting accents were an important architectural focus. Over the years the grandeur of ceiling embellishments has given way to modern simplicity and frugal budgets.
Ceiling Fan Medallions
However, new designs and manufacturing of medallions which make them affordable, lightweight and easy to install, have contributed to them reaching popularity not seen since the first half of the Twentieth Century.
Ceiling Medallions can be a classic addition to the overall design of your room and ceiling. Primarily used to accentuate chandeliers, they can also be used to accent ceiling fans, numerous other lighting fixtures for the ceiling or purely as a design element not related to lighting.    
Medallions can create a distinctive ambiance in your rooms and make a home a one of a kind. It will for sure make your lighting fixture stand our and your ceiling more ornate.
We recommend ELK Lighting Group Medallions since they have the most options with the ability to paint your own. Sizes range from 11” to 51” and they are available in 5 finishes. White—paintable to match any décor. Antique Brass—neutral brown. Chrome, Gold and Copper— exclusive metallic plated finishes. Designs are available from basic to detailed and ornate to match any décor.

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