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Tiffany Style Lighting Guide

Posted by Gavin Martin on Thu, October 22, 2009

Tiffany LightingWith their colored glass shades and intricate designs, the craftsmanship of Tiffany Lighting has elegantly warmed homes for nearly a century. The history of Tiffany Lighting dates back to Louis Comfort Tiffany who founded the Tiffany Glass Company, which no longer exists, in 1885. Tiffany was an American Artist and designer who designed stained glass windows and lamps, glass mosaics, blown glass, ceramics, jewelry, enamels and metalwork. His father, Charles Lewis Tiffany, had previously founded the famous Tiffany & Co. jewelry store, in 1837. Today the designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany are honored and treasured around the world, confirming Tiffany's legacy as a visionary of Art Nouveau design. Tiffany has a tremendous following.

Tiffany LampsOriginal Tiffany Lamps and pieces are now priceless and sold for unbelievable  prices at exclusive auctions. Most of the original pieces are held by museums and wealthy collectors. Today, many manufacturers have created replicas of these timeless elaborate pieces. These offerings emulate classic Tiffany styling and attention to detail and LightingCatalog sells them without the hefty price tag. This allows everyday homeowners to have a little piece of American Art History.

While Tiffany lamps account for the majority of the Tiffany lighting market, lighting manufacturers are creating elaborate Tiffany lighting pieces for many applications in the home. There are elegant Tiffany Chandeliers and Tiffany Pendants that hang over the kitchen or dining room table. There are even chandeliers and Tiffany pendants for your entrance foyer. For your office, den, family room or living room there are many Tiffany Table Lamps, Tiffany Floor Lamps and Flush mount fixtures. For the kitchen island and Billiard table there are Tiffany Island Lights and Tiffany Billiard Lighting fixtures sure to make your room timeless and stylish.

If you would like to view different styles of Tiffany lighting be sure to take a look at our article titled Most Popular Tiffany Lighting Collections

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Quoizel Illuminations by designer Laurie Smith

Posted by Gavin Martin on Mon, August 24, 2009

Quoizel Lighting has partnered with designer Laurie Smith to create the Illuminations line of home lighting. Quoizel is known for creating timeless pieces designed with you in mind. Laurie is my favorite designer on Trading Spaces as she really has style.

Laurie SmithLaurie Smith is most noteably known for her role in the hit TV show Trading Spaces from its inception in 2000. Often referred to as the "southern belle" of Trading Spaces, Laurie Hickson-Smith is also a grande dame of design. Her charm and grace, combined with eclectic and elegant designs have won over viewers in droves.

Laurie's rooms convey warmth, class and practicality, matching sometimes muted palette with bold structural elements. Classic and contemporary. Laurie's rooms are known for conveying an air of sophistication along with Old World elegance. Known frequently amongst fans as the enemy of all the ceiling fans on Planet Earth, Laurie confesses to owning several of her own in her Jackson residence.

Check out to see the latest Quoizel Illuminations by Laurie Smith Collection. Lighting Catalog is an online leader of lighting for the home. Free Shipping, Large Selection, Inventory and quick shipping direct from Quoizel.

 Laurie Smith Illuminations Laurie Smith Illuminations 

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