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Tiffany Style Lighting Guide

Posted by Gavin Martin on Thu, October 22, 2009

Tiffany LightingWith their colored glass shades and intricate designs, the craftsmanship of Tiffany Lighting has elegantly warmed homes for nearly a century. The history of Tiffany Lighting dates back to Louis Comfort Tiffany who founded the Tiffany Glass Company, which no longer exists, in 1885. Tiffany was an American Artist and designer who designed stained glass windows and lamps, glass mosaics, blown glass, ceramics, jewelry, enamels and metalwork. His father, Charles Lewis Tiffany, had previously founded the famous Tiffany & Co. jewelry store, in 1837. Today the designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany are honored and treasured around the world, confirming Tiffany's legacy as a visionary of Art Nouveau design. Tiffany has a tremendous following.

Tiffany LampsOriginal Tiffany Lamps and pieces are now priceless and sold for unbelievable  prices at exclusive auctions. Most of the original pieces are held by museums and wealthy collectors. Today, many manufacturers have created replicas of these timeless elaborate pieces. These offerings emulate classic Tiffany styling and attention to detail and LightingCatalog sells them without the hefty price tag. This allows everyday homeowners to have a little piece of American Art History.

While Tiffany lamps account for the majority of the Tiffany lighting market, lighting manufacturers are creating elaborate Tiffany lighting pieces for many applications in the home. There are elegant Tiffany Chandeliers and Tiffany Pendants that hang over the kitchen or dining room table. There are even chandeliers and Tiffany pendants for your entrance foyer. For your office, den, family room or living room there are many Tiffany Table Lamps, Tiffany Floor Lamps and Flush mount fixtures. For the kitchen island and Billiard table there are Tiffany Island Lights and Tiffany Billiard Lighting fixtures sure to make your room timeless and stylish.

If you would like to view different styles of Tiffany lighting be sure to take a look at our article titled Most Popular Tiffany Lighting Collections

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Most Popular Tiffany Lighting Collections

Posted by Gavin Martin on Wed, October 21, 2009

Lighting Catalog offers some of the most elaborate Tiffany Style Lighting ready to ship to you today from our industry leading manufacturers.  Many of today's Tiffany Lighting Collections are replicas of the timeless and elaborate pieces created by the original Lewis Comfort Tiffany.  Original Tiffany Lamps and pieces are now priceless and sold for unbelievable  prices at exclusive auctions. Most of the original pieces are held by museums and wealthy collectors.

Below are some of our most popular collections sure to attract attention and set your home apart without the hefty price tag.

Quoizel Dragonfly GardenDragonfly Garden

Lacy Filgree-winged dragonfiles flutter among multicolored roses, providing an exquisite depiction of a luscious summer garden. This look is inspired by the original dragonfly designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Each shade is handcrafted from genuine Tiffany art glass, and the highly decorative base and body are finished in a vintage bronze patina.


Quoizel Classic CraftsmanClassic Craftsman

Arts and Crafts is an enduring style that honors the tradition of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. This collection pays homage to this timeless style, which is typified by straight lines forming squares and rectangles, along with the use of natural materials.



Quoizel GothamGotham

This distinctive style is a great way to bring the drama of Tiffany glass into a contemporary or modern room setting. The hand-cut, iridescent art glass is arranged to form a slender triangle pattern in shades of rich ebony and warm yellow. Simply stunning. 


Quoizel HyacinthHyacinth

An absolutely breathtaking art glass design that is sure to impress. Features genuine handcrafted art glass in soft greens and creams, accented with crimson and blue and arranged in a classic Art Nouveau pattern. Diamond shaped Quoizel Prismstones add even more dimension and texture to the design.

Quoizel InglenhookInglenhook

A Classic geometric Arts and Crafts style with handcrafted art glass in shades of sapphire blue, warm honey, amber and cream. Great for providing plenty of light over a kitchen island or a pool table. 



The earthy group features a handcrafted, genuine art glass shade with a pinecone pattern in hues of cream, green, gold and ruby. The decorative chains are embellished with a smattering of deep amber jewels.


Carefully selected jewel tones harmonize exquisitely in this stunning piece. Genuine art glass of crimson, saffron, sapphire and emerald are complemented by round amber jewels, setting your room aglow with a rich color. Metal accents are curled into an abstract heart shape adorning this handcrafted work of art.  


These handcrafted shades are made of genuine art glass in a buttery yellow hue, and is accented by a delicate filigree banding around the bottom edge. 


Enjoy the drama of art glass in an understated design using a palette of rich earthtones. The neutral colors are embellished with amber jewels and gently curved metal accents, reflecting the French curves within the arms and body. This collection had a delicate, sinewy look without being overly ornate. 

Fruit HarvestFruit Harvest

This bountiful fruit motif will fill your home with an air of hospitality and good cheer. From the jewel-like grapes to the curlicue metal vine, the superb attention to detail in the handcrafted Tiffany art glass will delight you and your guests.


There are few things as magnificent as a red rose in full bloom. You can capture that look in your home permanently with this breathtaking design. It features hand-cut art glass in shades of crimson, buttercup and sea green, and an antique look base with hand-applied gold highlights. 



The richly detailed shade design, an interpretation of Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie glass panels of the early 20th century, is comprised of a multitude of varicolored glass cuts that are woven into a complex pattern.




A balanced and rhythmical look with well-defined angles creating a dramatic silhouette. This striking collection features geometric cuts of art glass in mellow earthrones and amber jewel accents. A dynamic and compelling statement for the trend-conscious home.



The earthy, geometric pattern in the art glass gives this cpntemporary style on Arts & Crafts edge, but it still feels fresh and original. An unconventional twist on classic Tiffany art glass design. 




The softly arched brass wire arms suspended over cream-colored opalescent glass with wine accents gives this cone-shape shade the illusion of being dome-shaped. Clear, granite-textured glass connects all the elements giving a mutli-dimensional, web-like feel. The Prairie Pottery base is inspired by the organic forms of Early American pottery, and has a rich, handpainted finish.

Belle FleurBelle Fleur

This timeless fleur-de-lis motif in luscious jewel tones helps make your home a showplace to be proud of. Features a handcrafted art glass shade and an authentic vintage bronze patina on the body. Such a pretty Art Nouveau design just might inspire you to take that trip to Paris. 

Indian SummerIndian Summer

This abstract maize design is handcrafted from genuine Tiffany art glass in soothing shades of amber, cream, sage and wine. The base is inspired by Prairie Pottery, which brings the early 1900's American Pottery style into today's home. Soft, graceful and simple, it creates natural imagery in the organic form.


This design features a handmade art glass shade in a cream geometric pattern with amber jewel accents. The base has an authentic bronze patina and reflects the Arts and Crafts styling of the shade.


Simple geometric expressions in an earthy color palette punctuate the symmetrical shade in the handcrafted piece. This look is reminiscent of the original works of masters such as Louis Comfort Tiffany and Gustav Stickley.

Quoizel TortoiseTortoise Shell

This mosiac masterpiece comes with a metal finish in Medici Bronze. The shade and base contains 360 pieces of Tiffany glass which emulate the shell of a Tortoise. This is a great architectural piece that is sure to be a conversation piece with your guest. 

Autumn RidgeAutum Ridge

If you thought Tiffany was just for indoor lamps think again.  These Outdoor Tiffany masterpieces are sure to give the outdoor of your home some style.



This master piece as a shade containing 160 pieces of Tiffany art glass. The base has an Authentic Bronze Patina finish reminiscent of the prairie style design.

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