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The Different Styles of Lighting

Posted by Gavin Martin on Thu, June 11, 2009

Traditional LightingTraditional: Lighting Fixtures in this category include elements and details reminiscent of antiques and furniture both European and American. This also includes lighting fixtures which are time-period specific, such as Victorian, Arts and Crafts, and Mission. Characterized by elegance, gentle curves, and straight lines all wrapped in restrained ornamentation with simple finishing.  The classic look of fixtures never go out of style and bring out classic elegance for today's homes. Traditional Lighting fixtures exude the craftsmanship, reminiscent of the work performed by skilled artisans who made fixtures in the past.  



Transitional Lighting




Transitional: Lighting Fixtures in this category have simple lines and clean shapes. These lighting fixtures are inspired by traditional lighting fixtures, but are less detailed and ornate and are more open and simple in their construction. They strike a balance between classic design and the ever-evolving modern look and feel.  Homeowners who thirst for classic design elements but want something that's atypical then you are going to love transitional lighting fixtures.                 




Contemporary LightingContemporary: Lighting Fixtures in this category have clean geometric outlines. They are also referred to as Modern.  Contemporary fixtures are drawn from architectural and organic forms. This style is clean, with uncluttered lines and lacks ornamentation. Single tone finishes with no texture such as chrome or nickel and an overall light feel in the construction. This style also now has some darker bronze or brown finishes and softer shapes which is often referred to as soft contemporary. If you are a trendsetter who likes to stand out from the crowd with hip or trendy styles then this style is for you. Contemporary fixtures come in matching collections consisting of table and floor lamps, torchieres, chandeliers and pendants.

Search these Lighting Fixtures for the style that fits your room best.  The images in this article are from Minka Lavery, reflecting their dedication to decorative lighting, offering the finest quality and workmanship. The finest design flair at unprecedented value.  

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